General Information

The Workshop on Low Temperature Electronics is a biannual event on its 14th edition, and has established itself as a solid forum to present and discuss the recent developments in different fields of research.

Therefore, WOLTE 14 is expected to attract a significant number scientists working with low temperature electronics and its applications from all around the World. Moreover, the recent global interest in fields like energy efficient computing, quantum communication and quantum computation refocuses the attention onto what can actually be accomplished by working with electronics as low temperatures.

WOLTE 14, will provide a splendid setting for presenting your company’s products, services and techniques to a highly qualified international audience.

From a more general perspective, our event will be held in the suggestive setting of Casa Cava, in the beautiful town of Matera, and will be take place in a pleasant atmosphere: you will like it being associated with your company.

Thus, whether you decide to participate in the conference as a patron or as an exhibitor, it will be a good move! 

Basic Equipment Supplied In Your Booth

  Table: W 1400 mm × H 750 mm × D 750 mm with Blu cloth

  Plate with the company logo: 1950×180 h mm

  Three chairs

  Three halogen spotlights 200W

  Waste basket

  Coat hanger

  Power supply facility (1500 W max)


Patrons enjoy extraordinary visibility with the powerful audience at the conference. The attendees may include senior executives and decision makers who are responsible for setting R&D and product development goals, and have considerable budget responsibility.

Don’t miss the opportunity of being part of an event such as WOLTE 14!

Please contact us to discover the possibilities envisaged or have one tailored for you. You’ll be sent the registration and invoicing form to fill out, together with all the necessary information.